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DynaField Pickup
We do offer the best sounding, pure acoustic guitar pickup ever available, the Dynafield. An acronym for DYNAmic FIELD, the system uses a moving magnet in conjunction with a low impedance coil to accurately reproduce the tone of YOUR acoustic guitar. If you have spent thousands of dollars on a fine instrument, then installed a saddle transducer, we know you were dismayed that the tone of your baby doesn’t come across the P A system. The pickup includes a bass roll off to fine tune the electromagnetic transducer to your guitar. $135 (installation by a qualified tech is recommended)

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MagPi System
We also have the MagPi system, very similar to the pickups used in our electroCoustic. While it doesn’t have quite the true acoustic tonality of our Dynafield, it will give you higher gain-before-feedback and allow you to use the hi-z inputs of your guitar amp or box mixer. This is a dual magnetic and piezo system that permanently mounts in your inexpensive "road" guitar. As the system needs to be permanently mounted in the instrument, and some routing is required, we do recommend that this system is not installed in your expensive, all solid wood guitar. We will be pursuing a temporary mount model later this year. Cost including install and return shipping $125.
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New Products
The first electroCoustic BASS.

Similar in design and construction to the guitar, but with a
Fretted or fretless Tbass neck.
This design should be available to order by the end of the year.
We Build to order. Order Here.

In the Works
We are also in the process of contracting with several vendors to provide you with amplification for these fine instruments and pickup systems... a tube mic pre-amp, portable and living room speaker systems and there is even a high fidelity, all tube amplifier on the horizon...stay tuned. Since you appreciate the sound and response of acoustic stringed instruments, you are the person we design instruments for.

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